10 Tips for Epic Road Trip With Your Dog

10 Tips for Epic Road Trip With Your Dog

Hiking at Lake Garda, Italy

My name is Lara and I am one and a half years and I didn’t really know what travelling was like before I was adopted. But Mommy and Daddy take me everywhere. I love the fact that they never leave me alone. hmm yeah, I’m spoilt that way. I had a complete packing list on our Road trip to Italy. We hiked up to the top of the Hill at Lake Garda.

Complete Dog travel packing list

They carried my most needed essentials that every Dog needs while travelling. My favourite dog basket, my toys which I like to rip it off when I play with it. The lovely blanket makes me feel so much at home whenever I travel and yes a towel and my dog shampoo in case I get all dirty.

What else did they pack for a dog(Me)? hmmm well, my doggie leash and plenty of poop baggies and of course my dog bowls for water and food. Yes, my favourite treats and a bone to keep me busy for a dog is always fun to chew on it. Last but not least my dry and wet food.

My first long Dog road trip

My first trip was to Italy from Munich. I was so excited and of course, there were a lot of other trips before that but this was a long holiday. It was a long drive from Munich 465km. Lake Garda is indeed beautiful. We stayed not far from the beach. It was 5 minutes walk. The following morning we headed for hiking, up to the hill which has a spectacular view of the entire Lake Garda.

Pet-friendly Road trip

Travelling with your pet is always fun. Advance preparation is always ideal. From exploring the city to mountain hiking. When travelling with your Dog ensure to check for a pet-friendly hotel. Also, remember to check how many pets are allowed per room. If the hotels allow you to leave your pet alone in the room. Most hotels have concerns if you leave your dog unattended.

Do remember to also look out for pet-friendly locations where your dog can also have some fun time with other dogs. Couple of things that you can check out like lakes, parks which are pet friendly. That ways your Dog can also have a good time.

Dog Hiking

We headed to the forest and followed the hiking trail. It was a nice lovely day being in Autumn. Halfway to the hill, we were smitten by this view.

I am a small dog and if you wonder if a small dog can go hiking? The answer is absolutely yes! I love hiking and for such a small dog like me I am always active and I am used to hiking up to 20 miles in a day.

How to Prepare your Dog for Hiking

Well, it not such a difficult task to prepare me and any other dog when going hiking. So what can you carry along for a small dog? we need just simple gears. Not to forget the most important thing is the Dog leash. First aid for paw care. Water or perhaps a cooling jacket from sun protection. Toys for a dog to play with. For safety, make sure your dog wears a collar where my name and phone number is mention.

I was so excited. From Garda town, we walked southeast and we pass Piazzale Roma square. We headed up to the hill, you can admire the immense beauty of the Lake Garda and the fresh air. The hiking tour on the Rocca is six kilometres route. It leads to the Hermitage of San Giorgio and then to Rocca Vecchia mountain.


The enchanting tour takes you through the woods, wine vineyards, farmhouses. The Rocca Vecchia gives you a magnificent view of Lake Garda tranquillity. Basically, the route is quite steep so it’s advisable to have good footwear. The very top of Rocca Vecchia is covered with wildflowers meadow. I went bananas. We spent hours up at the top of the Hill. It was peaceful and remarkably beautiful. The smell of fresh grass or herbs was so intoxicating and it drove me crazy.

Well, I will mention some of the ultimate dog hiking gear guides. Mommy and Daddy always prepare me before we go for a long hiking dog trip.

The Ultimate Dog Hiking Gear Guide

As dogs, we all love to go out and spend most of our time outdoors. Whether we go out to meadows to play, dog walking, or Hiking. When you take a dog for hiking make sure to carry nutritious food and keep your dog Hydrated.

If you are planning for a swim with your dog in the rivers. It is always important to carry safety gear like a Dog life jacket sometimes the current can be strong.


If you are planning for a long hike with your dog, It is always important to carry a Dog Backpack. Whichever backpack you choose for your dog make sure your dog does not carry more than 20% of the weight. Make sure to keep it light.

Safety LED light

Going hiking or a road trip with your Dog it is advisable to carry a Safety Dog LED collar. The safety LED light alerts other hikers or even vehicles or hiking bikers. This is the best way to keep your Dog safe. I found the safety dog Led collar from amazon which is available in many colours.

Dog first aid safety

Sometimes mishaps can happen to your dog while hiking in the forest. But there is no need to panic. cuts, broken bones, or allergies at some level could happen. For precaution measures always carry a safety dog aid kit eye-wash(Saline) in case the dog gets stunk or any foreign object gets into the dog’s eyes. Stretchy Bandages in case your dog is wounded.

It keeps the tissues clean till you reach the vet. Betadine solution to prevent the wound from getting contaminated with bacteria or dirt. Tweezers can be a very helpful tool for your dog to remove thorns stingers and also great for tick removal.

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October 3, 2020 11:57 pm

What great adventures you and Lara have. It is so nice to share all these experiences with our fur babies. What a great list that you compiled of what items are needed when you are on your outdoor expeditions. Thanks for sharing.

October 4, 2020 2:19 pm

Your dog is so cute and looks a little like mine! I would love to do a road trip with my dog once I get back to Canada!

October 4, 2020 4:22 pm

Ok Lara is ADORABLE. She looks a lot like my dog Bella 🙂 we have not yet been on any road trips yet, but this post is perfect for planning one! I’ve been wanting to plan a trip with some dog friendly activities so that she can enjoy too. I love the idea of an LED collar.

October 4, 2020 8:47 pm

This is awesome!!! We recently sent our 11 year old cat on a 20 hour international flight. It was pretty overwhelming for all involved I think. I love that your post considers Lara’s well-being before travel.