10 tips for Solo Female Travelers

Planning Your First Solo Trip?

Like many of you taking that first Solo Trip for the first time must be overwhelming. I was also in the same situation not so long ago. I was having a lot of mixed emotions terrified and excited. That fear and with lots of thoughts running through your head is it safe? But believe me, if you prepare well and plan ahead, doing your research well, it is safe to travel anywhere.

I’d rather say when I took my first Solo trip that was the biggest gift I’ve given to myself. I felt free, I had my Me-time. It is a wonderful experienced and enjoyable. You have all the time to yourself and to do whatever you want. Yes, I love travelling with friends families my partner but travelling solo is something very different. But I would also like to add by solo travel it does not mean you are all alone. You meet a lot of other travellers like you. Here I would like to share 10 tips on your first solo Trip.

10 tips on your first solo trip

You finally decide to travel Solo. It can be overwhelming. But Solo travel gives you a chance to indulge in yourself fully. Things can go wrong as a first time Solo traveler however it’s okay. You will learn from your mistakes. One of the biggest challenges is where to book, which destination, what to pack, how to plan my itinerary and so much more. A lot of things will be running through your mind.

Make proper plans

Choose your destination and make a list of things you want to do. What are your main interests? Do thorough research about that particular destination. choose your place to stay. If you are travelling for the first time alone I would suggest opting for places like Hostels. They have plenty of options with reviews and you will also meet a lot of young travellers there. Plan you’re itinerary accordingly and ensure your internet works and your GPS.

Figure your Budget

Have your budget in mind before you plan your vacation. You have to think way ahead and start saving up. Accordingly, you have to plan if you are going for a week a month a year. Safety is important. Travelling is not about moving quickly through to collect more flags or increase the country count. It’s about getting to know a place so deeply. So start slow.

Book in advance

Being a first time Solo traveller I would advise if you book much in advance basically your ticket and your accommodation. Check with your Hotel the full address and landmarks. Make sure to keep everything handy.

Check Everything

I would suggest having a photocopy of your passport, drivers licence and carry it with you everywhere. Keep the originals locked. Do not keep everything together. Keep some cash with you in your pocket and always keep your cash and cards in different places on your body, as well as your passport. Take what you need in a day. Have your smartphone fully charge and a battery charger with you. Before leaving your hotel make sure to check the address where you’re going. Have your GPS or map handy.

Carry what is Necessary

I’m sure we do not like paying extra luggage. But not only that it is important to carry only what is necessary. I made that mistake when I travelled solo the first time. A heavy suitcase will only create a problem for yourself. Travel lite and carry your clothes according to the weather or season.

Always let someone know

I highly recommend to let your family members and friends know where you are going. Sharing your itinerary would be the smartest thing to do. I would also suggest to let the reception know where you are going if its a day trip especially. Do not carry so many things when you’re heading out.

Choosing your hotel or any accommodation

When you book your hotel or your accommodation make sure to read their reviews and ranking. How is it’s rating for safety? Stay in places that have high ratings for being social online backpackers accommodation or Hostels. A smart way to choose your accommodation is nearest to the train station. That way it will make you much easier to find your way back to your hotel.

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