How I travel With My Dog To Italy

How I travel With My Dog To Italy

So after a couple of days in Lake Garda, we then drove to Venice. Mommy always wanted to visit Venice she says it’s romantic and it’s beautiful. I was looking forward to the beauty of this city.

Venice was indeed beautiful. But there were too many people and it was difficult for me to run freely. There were so many pigeons and I always love to chase after them. But mommy is a bit strict sometimes. I enjoy it when she lets me run around. Look at me there amused by these little flying creatures.

Dog Travel to Venice

I remember we took a boat it was really crowded and mommy was holding me close to her. I thought I was feeling a little sick with the boat moving so fast. There was water everywhere not that I like water so much. But I was still happy. I was excited to finally see St.Marks Basilica, The Dodge Palace, watch the sunset from Rialto bridge. Sounds romantic!

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Saint Mark’s Basilica was remarkably beautiful. It was really a long queue and I could see people standing for hours to enter inside the Basilica. I was curious to know what it looks like inside but sadly they do not allow dogs inside. I was also not allowed to see the Doge’s Palace inside. Since mommy and daddy do not want to go in without me they took many pictures. We stroll around I was busy chasing the pigeons.


While strolling around I was happy I met one of my kind. I played with him for a long time. I had the best time of my life.

When you are exploring the city along with your dog make sure to allow your dog to play with other dogs.

Rialto Bridge

Well, anyways I enjoyed my walk along the Rialto River. I believe mommy and daddy had a wonderful time walking by the Rialto River. They were busy taking lots of pictures while I was doing my thing running around. The Rialto Bridge is a wonderful sight and stays busy until late at night, with many sidewalk cafes & shopping for mementoes, etc in the shops in the alleys behind the bridge. Not only a great place to watch people. But a perfect photo spot! Nice restaurants and, many hotels all along the bridge. If you would like to check out for nice hotels around here I recommend this Rialto Bridge Luxury Apartment. 


I would rather say you could spend one day in Venice and enjoy every bit of it. We were there for two days and the next day we went back and also visited Murano. Pretty much the same but it has another beauty altogether. I was again on the boat. Even if you only have 2 days in Venice, it’s worth it to take a half-day trip from the main island to get a broader picture of the island, lagoon, and other islands. I Like it here better since there were few tourists, small nice shops, extremely great artwork, and high-class products. We visited the glass factories and it was remarkably stunning how they make these glasses.

Murano Glass Factory

Murano deserves to be visited for its beauty and of course not miss visiting the crystal factories! Murano is best known worldwide for its exquisite, hand-crafted glass. Getting to Murano is pretty straightforward. Vaporetto line 42 will take you there in about 40 minutes. When we visited one of the glass factories they demonstrated the remarkable artwork. Then we headed back to Venice by sunset.

When you visit Murano find time to visit one of the glass factories. It is indeed impressive to see their work and how they make these beautiful art glass pieces.


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