Solo Travel Guide

Solo Travel Guide

This is my first Solo Travel-How do I Start?

Like me, if you are really passionate about travelling don’t give yourself a second thought. Depending on someone to travel along with you sometimes cannot go as plan. Why not just plan to go, Solo.

I remember the first solo trip. I was waiting for friends if they could join but it only stressed me out. So I encouraged myself, made my own plans and I did my research and took off!

When I took off alone for the first time I was a nervous wreck. Though it was a short trip, I simply did not have an idea, what was it going to be like travelling all by myself. But during my solo travel, I became more confident. The next thing I realise what could be the best gift ever for myself. I was extremely happy.

When you travel Solo you also get your freedom. You can choose whether you want to sleep in, fill your day with activities that you like. Or treat yourself to a day of getting lost in a beautiful city.

If you are travelling Solo I would also recommend joining Women travel groups on Facebook.

Is it safe to travel alone?

As long as you follow your instincts travelling Solo is as safe as travelling with others. It can also be yes and no. You have to be more cautious when you are alone. Travelling to a foreign country might feel more frightening because you are not used to it. But if you follow your instincts and guidelines you will be safe.

Be around in public places and don’t venture around alone in dark and lonely streets.

When I travel to conservative places I ensure I dress according to the locals custom. I also don’t flash my cameras or any belongings.

In my experience, I also stay sober and not get carried away with drinks. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my drink but I ensure I stay at my limits.

Where should I make my reservation?

In my experience when travelling solo I would book myself in hostels. and are one of a reliable site. But ensure to read their reviews. Both and Hostelworld have reviews by travellers who are verified as having stayed at the hostel.

Properly check the location. Refer to google maps. The hotel is close to the local station, where you can easily reach anywhere via public transport. Why I love hostels because you meet a lot of other travels. Secondly, it is less expensive and you can find a friendly atmosphere. If you’re staying at hostels, you’ll usually meet like-minded people. There who are in the same boat and want to make friends as well!

Find the Best Travel Resources here

What website I must refer for my trip?

Most of my planning I refer to the following website. Here you will find my favourite website. I usually check on, Hostelworld, Airbnb. Always make sure to read the reviews and never forget to check the location. Refer to the map and especially if you are a first-time solo traveller. It is advisable to stay in the city centre or somewhere which is close to public transport.

What is the best destination to travel to Europe?

Based on my experience I would say Thailand, Munich, Amsterdam, Austria, Berlin, Barcelona. However, Europe is one of the best destinations to travel Solo. There are other countries which are safe to travel solo as well. But since my blog is about Europe destinations I will give you some ideas.

Travelling Solo basically it all depends on yourself whichever destination you choose to travel. Follow simple guidelines. However, Europe is easy to travel for solo female travellers! But the common things are very simple like how to stay safe, keep your belongings together and close. Remember to watch your drinks in bars and clubs.

I have summed up a couple of best destinations in Europe for solo travellers. I have taken some feedback from my friend’s solo travel experience as well… You can explore and have a good time. Since I live in Munich I would say this is one destination you should consider.

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August 2, 2020 1:09 am

It would be great if you would do a post explaining how you come up with the money to travel. This is the largest deterrent for many of us. (Other than covid of course now,) Thanks so much!

Mihaela |
November 3, 2020 6:17 pm

I always enjoy reading your destination guides. In this post, you brought something more personal and I loved to get to know a little more about you and your passion – travel! A beautiful and very informative post for those who travel solo and not only!

December 9, 2020 1:48 pm

I don’t think I’ll ever be up for traveling solo but I applaud those that who do! Great journey.