Travel Bucket List 2021

Travel Bucket List 2021

When you get close to the end of the year you plan many things for the new year right! If you’re like me who love to travel, the first thing that crosses your mind is planning a holiday and organise your travel plans. Budgeting everything! Last year I had so much planned, But I could not do many things. Unfortunately, things changed in 2020. It seems everything came to a standstill. We all had to cancel most of our travel plans. But I hope at the same time we discovered new things, our passion, our hobbies which we never had the time to explore. 

Yes, I had to cancel and postponed many things in 2020 one of it was my travel plans. However, I look forward to a positive year ahead which I know we all do. I have listed many plans for 2021 not only my travel plans but a few more other things. In this post, I would like to share not only my travel bucket list for 2021 but what I had accomplished in 2020. 

What 2020 turned out to be was depressing but likewise, I was glad I had the time to do many other things. Let me list them below.

  1. I was able to publish quite a few of my travel experiences on my blog.
  2. I was able to self learn on web-design
  3. I learned graphic designs and enjoy it very much
  4. I was able to finally learned photo editing working with lightroom and Photoshop and I am super excited that I could turn this into a professional carrier as a freelancer.
  5. Since a child I always love painting, drawing sketching. It was my hobby and was forgotten since I was too busy in the Corporate 9 to 6 job. Pursuing something that I was never happy. Despite what has just been said, today I’m thrilled I can start again and combine this passion and hobby into a creative business concept. 

My goal for 2021 is to be able to turn my accomplishments into a successful business.  

Anyways, apart from all of that here is some travel inspiration? Take a peak to some of the best destinations and travel adventure for 2021. Lets us share our 2021 travel bucket. I hope this year brings us hope and good health and we could at least travel somewhere to our favourite destinations if not many but at least a few. Keeping figures cross!

Europe has always been my all-time favourite destination. But first, let us find out why Europe.


Why should we travel to Europe?

Europe offers a variety of travel experiences. Rich in culture, its magnificent architecture, landscapes historical places best weather. You can travel to many other countries in Europe without needing an additional visa. Almost all countries of Europe participate in the so-called “Schengen Agreement”, that allows people to move, work, and travel within Europe without a special visa. However, do your research well it may be different if you are coming outside Europe. It may be different.
The means of transportation within Europe is well connected even if you travel by train, flight or by road.

You can consider finding a cheap flight or hotels like Momondo it gives you a complete comparison of different airlines prices and offers. They specialise in low-cost airfares. For hotels and accommodations, TripAdvisor, Airbnb are great search engines. If you are a Solo traveller Hostelworld is a great platform to book your room at a low price and meet other youngsters like you from different walks of life.

What’s on my 2021 travel bucket list? They are a mixture of culture visits, adventure escape, new cities, new experiences. Some of which I read on reviews, articles and suggestions from friends. I am filled with excitement at the moment to be able to share what’s on my 2021 travel bucket list. I hope If not all that I could visit but at least I hope in the summer I could sail across in the Adriatic Sea

Go Sailing in the Adriatic Sea

I’ve always wanted to experience sailing somewhere in the ocean and enjoy the beauty of the Island and the Coast. Relax on the boat and perhaps see some dolphins. There are many beautiful sailing destinations in Europe. Like the Azores, Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean or the French Riveria, France a romantic experience in style and luxury. When the sailing season gets overall sailors can’t wait for the next one. 

I would like to sail along the Croatian Coast, perhaps start from the southern Dalmatian islands. It is beautiful and sailers enjoy exploring the beauty of the Island and quiet coves. Croatia has a Mediterranean climate. Along the coastlines I read the water is extremely clean, there are eight National Parks, eleven nature park. Find out for more details here

Hiking to most beautiful places in Germany 

I’ve always enjoyed hiking. Oh yes, I do have a list of few places that I would want to explore hiking.  There are many beautiful hiking destinations in Germany from the highest peak to the scenic valley. You will come across many beautiful towns and villages. Makes you wonder if you are in fairy-tale land.

Malerweg ( Painter’s Way ) Saxon ‘Switzerland

The nearest city is Dresden, easily accessible from Berlin via bus or train (or if you like, by train from Prague). From Dresden hop on a regional train the half-hour to the pretty town of Pirna. Pirna is where it begins and back.

Where to Stay– There are campsites, guesthouses and you can find nice accommodation on


Visiting Iceland has been a bucket list destination for me. Glacier Hiking, SnowmobilingVisiting an Ice Cave, The Blue Lagoon, Chase the Northern Lights.  I hope to visit this beautiful magical place.


The perfect and most affordable destination to visit. From sandy beaches to architectural structure and unique cultural landscape. I would love to go Hiking along the Algarve offers great coastal views. Not leaving without taking a trip to one of Portugal’s islands – like Madeira or the archipelago of the Azores. I wish I could make it this year 2020

My Short Weekend visits


02 days in Salzburg would be perfect. Not far from Munich approximately 2-hour drive. Salzburg is famous for its architecture. In general, it is a pretty town. I will visit the famous Mirabell Palace, Hohensalburg Fortress and walk to Monchsberg. Will visit the Cathedral which was first built in 774. The most popular Mozart’s Birthplace museum. I will stroll through every corner and get lost. 

Rothenburg and Nuremberg

Rothenburg can is perhaps the most famous small town in Germany. If at all you’re in Germany or even in Munich I recommend you should visit this small beautiful town. I’ve heard so much how romantic and magical this town is. I would suggest you take the train and book your tickets to the DB website( If you are doing a day trip at least 5 to 6 hours you might like to explore Rothenburg. 

If you are spending the weekend, you might want to visit Nuremberg as well. I will be covering both towns on my weekend trip. Nuremberg is famous for historical landmarks and castles and the Walled old town.

Hallstatt Austria

I always love visiting Austria. This time I will visit Hallstatt. It is a tiny Austrian village, which is about 3.5 hours by train from the capital of Vienna. There is a lot to discover in Hallstatt a fairy tale village. Hallstatt is unbelievably truly magical. The village runs along the beautiful lake.

Check out some of my Wall Art – Here

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January 11, 2021 10:16 pm

Hopefully we’re able to travel more in 2021! Sailing in the Adriatic Sea sounds so cool! I haven’t thought to do that yet, I’m wondering if you need experience to do so or if there are any travel companies out there offering this service to tourists?